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       Snehana-Abhayanga external is used as a singular therapy for management of various musculoskeletal disorders to reduce pain in the musculoskeletal disorders . It is also used as preparation for shodhana therapy.
External Snehana is carried out mainly with the help of medicated oils selected accordingly to the disease & Dosha condition. At times combination of various oils or other materials like ghee are used.

INDICATIONS:- Vata diseases, Joint pain, Dryness of the body, Constipation, Neuro muscular & skeletal diseases, Aches specially body ache, Fatigue – Chronic Fatigue syndrome

Preparation:- Patient is advised not to have heavy meals before the therapy, He can take liquid warm food like hot milk / Soup in moderation prior to treatment After oleation Patient is advised not to have anything within ½ hour of the treatment, Heavy, very spicy & Junk food must be avoided during the course of the treatment.

BENEFITS:- Enhances the blood circulation, Moisturizes the skin, Improves the tone of the muscles, Increases the mobility of the Joints, Alleviates the Vata, Reduces the pains, aches from the muscle & adjoining skeletal system, Removes the toxins of the body