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 Nasya is the forth treatment among the five detoxifying – cleansing panchakarma therapies. It helps in clearing the upper respiratory tract & head.  Before the application of Nasya a simple light massage is carried out on the face & the forehead followed by a light fomentation either by Nadisweda . Eyes are to be covered during the swedana. Then the specially prepared Nasya Medicine is introduced through the nostrils of the patient with the help of Nasya Yantra or dropper. This is absolutely painless procedure. Then the patient is asked to do the gargles with the warm water. The patient may sneeze for a few seconds following nasya.

INDICATIONS:- Head ache, Insomnia, Migraine, Sinusitis/ Allergic rhinitis, Loss of hair, Greying of hair, Loss of memory, Diseases of the brain, Anosmia (Loss of smell sensation)

DIET:- Before Nasya normally does not have strict dietary regulation but it is advisable that it is either done on  empty stomach or after a period of 3-4 hrs after consuming food. After Nasya patient can take a little warm water He is advised not to consume heavy food during the course

BENEFITS:- Lightness of the head, Increase in smell sensation, Easyness to breath, Improvement in the activity of nervous system, Reduction in the headache, Improvement in the acuity of all the senses  specially the vision