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नेत्र बस्ती

       Netra Tarpana is a special Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes. It relieves tiredness & also improves eyesight. It is highly recommended for people who regularly work at computers, operate machinery, drive for long periods or anyone who is currently suffering from tired, aching and sore eyes. Freshly made dough rings are placed around the eyes, sterilized medicated ghee is gently poured onto the eyes while they are kept open.

INDICATION:- people who spend a lot of time on computers, people suffering from blurred vision, eye infections or generally tired and aching eyes. Burning in the eyes, Dryness in the eyes, Vata diseases in the eyes, Curved eyes, Conjunctivitis, Pain in the eyes, Watering eyes, Night blindness, Squinting, Myopia

Benefits:-  improved sight, decrease spectacle number, clearer color definition when seeing, relief from aching and tired eyes.