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पत्र पोटटली स्वेदन

       Pinda sweda is one of the dominant upkarma & a subtype of swedana therapy commonly used for relief of pain & gaining strength to the tissues. Pinda sweda can be categorised depending on the material used for making the bolus. These are as 

1 ) Valuka sweda - where sand is used 

2) Shashtik Shali Pinda sweda - shashtik shali rice cooked in  

    medicated milk is used

3) Patrapinda sweda- Leaves of medicinal plants are used 

4) Churna Pinda sweda - combination of medicinal churn of

    herbs is used.

 INDICATIONS:- Arthritis, Gout, Paralysis, Spondylitis, Back ache, Varicose veins, vata vyadhi

 BENEFITS:-  Lightness of the body, Reduction of the pain & the stiffness, Better mobility of the Joint, Regression  of the disease, Gain in tissue mass & activities of the  organ