Raktamokshan is the fifth & different treatment of five detoxifying  panchakarma or shodhana therapies. It helps in clearing the dosha residing in the shakha( deep tissue) & is the best remedial solution for Rakta shuddhi. There are 4 methods of Raktamokshana out of which two are commonly used:
1) Siravedha:- is done using intracath or an IV set butterfly which is introduced in the vein & the required amount of blood is withdrawn . Then a compression dressing is done at the site. This is done where larger quantity is to be removed for a disease which has a spread all over body. Maximum blood removed is 30-100 mls.
2) Jalouka:- Leeches are naturally available creature known for it's blood sucking abilities. This is done for a localised disease & used when a small quantity of blood is to be removed. The leeches when kept at the site get stuck on their own & sucks the blood till the vitiated blood is available or they are full. Each leech sucks around 2-10 mls of blood depending on the size. In case of need physician may advice the use of more than one leech at the site. Then dressing is carried out.

INDICATIONS:- All types of Skin diseases, Fungal Infections, Varicose veins, Jaundice, Headache, White patches, Psoriasis, Non Healing Wound, Gout, Skin discoloration, Acute pain at any site

DIET:- Raktamokshan is carried out on full stomach, After Raktamokhana There are no specific dietary restrictions

BENEFITS:- Reduction in redness, Reduction in acute pain, Reduction in the disease, Skin patches are diminished


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