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               Shirodhara is a specialised upkarma of panchakarma treatment used for nourishment of the brain & then to improve the functioning of the brain by reducing stress, improving sleep & memory. One of the preferred treatments in psychological diseases. Special lep is applied on forehead, Eyes are covered with cotton & Continuous pouring of medicine on the forehead and then allowing it to flow over scalp, using special shirodhara yantra is known as shirodhara.
Shirobasti:- Shirobasti is a therapy in which the medicated oil is kept over the head with the help of a cap fixed for a prescribed period of time.

INDICATIONS:- Anxiety, Hair fall, Hair problems, Dandruff, Stress, Insomnia, Facial paralysis, Insomnia, Neurological disorders, Psychological disorders, Skin disorders such as Eczema, Psoriasis & Eruptions,  Headache, Atrophy of the brain, Diseases of the brain, Paralysis, Hypertension.

BENEFITS:- Reduction of blood pressure, Reduction in stress, Induces sleep, Improves memory, Improves hair growth, Improves the function of the brain.