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    Swedana is done as singular therapy for vata disorders specially involving musculoskeletal system or for Ama. But in majority of the cases it is done with snehana as an preparatory therapy for shodhana therapies like Vamana and Virechana. Swedana is done by various types depending upon the requirement & strength of the patient. The commonest is steam application which is done either with the help of a closet (Sitting/ sleeping) if it is to be done on full body or with the help of a special instrument (Nadi sweda Yantra) when to be applied on a specific area.

INDICATIONS:- Vata diseases, Joint pain, Fever, Swelling, Neuro muscular & skeletal diseases, Aches specially body ache, joint ache.

BENEFITS:- Profuse sweating occurs thereby removes the toxins out of body, Improves blood circulation, Improves the elasticity of the body, Increases the mobility of the all the systems, Reduces swelling, Reduces the pains, aches from the muscle & adjoining skeletal system.