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Virechana is the second among five Panchakarma detoxifying – cleansing therapies. It helps in clearing the lower part of the body & is the best remedial solution for Pitta dosha & second best remedy for vata dosha.
    Prior to the virechana procedure, internal oleation with medicated ghee/oil is advised for 5-7 days according to the patient’s constitutions is done. After proper preparation the patient is given specially created Virechan medicine.

INDICATIONS:- Bronchial asthama, Acid peptic disorders, Skin disorders, Allergy, Psoriasis, Paralysis, Hepatic disorders.
DIET:- Before Virechan one has to consume a specific diet which should not increase the Kapha  After Virechana patient has to follow a strict dietary regimen where gradual increase in the quality & quantity of the food is carried out. This period varies depending upon the quantitative shodhana & can be from 5 -7 days

BENEFITS:- Lightness of the body, Increase in appetite, Reduction of repeated attacks of Burning & acidity, Reduction of skin patches, plagues and dryness as in psoriasis, eczema & dermatitis, Improved immunity, Reduction of weight, Reduction in cholesterol & triglycerides.